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States of the escaping mind

Music sculptures for the new Danslı Parti songs

Accompanied by some personal words on the states of mind discovered in each song.

Kültür Çuprası; the uncontrolled mind as a bold and bloody way to go in grown up life.

Bademler; when I walk with my eyes closed, it doesn't exist.

Tavuk Senfoni; the island where we feel so connected with another person that we can slowly let our inner colors role out.

Turist; the light and distant approach of acting like you see everything for the first time and enjoying without responsibility.

Baba Halayı; a deeply logical turning ritual that without looking for anything grows into new colorful highs.

States of the escaping mind is a series of glazed ceramic sculptures created for the the new album iii by Danslı Parti. Fascinated by the uncontrolled states of mind that can be discovered in the album and being around during much of the making process, these sculptures had to be dedicated to the songs. Soon they developed themselves into an unusual approach to merchandise and hopefully they will find a way to the music people's heart.


The sculptures are for sale for 300 TL or 20 euros (sizes vary but typically they fit in a palm), or an "entire song" can be sold for a friendly price. Just send a message via the contact form on this website or via instagram.

Danslı Parti (İstanbul / TR & Nijmegen / NL) was founded in 2012 and is shaped around musical friends. It follows a collective approach: The core duo, Toros Senan and Emre Malikler compose the tunes and reach out to friends for inspiration and collaboration.

Alongside Toros Senan and Emre Malikler, Danslı Parti enjoyed the gifted companionship of Volkan Akkoç, Mert Dipevliler, Melike Şahin, Elif Dikeç, Ozan TekinAydın Balpınar, and Malas Construmbres (Barcelona / Catalonia).

In the latest album, "iii," Danslı Parti moves towards a producer's music zone by leveraging its guitar-based roots with energetic drums and complex, layered ambiance. In "iii," the duo is accompanied by Can GüngörBerkay Küçükbaşlar, Can Aydemir, and Ozan

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